Practical notes on Five Sacred Trees: Eo Rossa

Before the beginning of this movement would be an excellent time to blow out your tone holes.

Mm 30 I found this sextuplet weirdly prone to fumbles for a long time. Used the L only for Eb and R4 for Gb.

I struggled for a long time with the last note. Using the D flick key for it makes it super easy, in tune, easy to fade... oh, if it doesn’t have water in it. If it does have water, all that will emerge is a pathetic gurgle. Also, there’s no way to figure out in advance what state the tone hole might be in, and I found mine frequently managed to fill with water— somehow— during the movement, even if I cleared it out beforehand. So about a month before the performance, I finally threw in the towel with it and started using the C key, gradually shading with the L 2nd finger to help with the fade.