End of Brott Festival

Three days ago I played principal on both the Firebird and the Rite of Spring in the final Brott Festival concert-- did I do that? hey cool, I actually did!-- and then the next day my house began the slow process of de-Hamilton-izing. In front of our house

This was our guard pig. He guarded the house valiantly while wearing this newspaper hat

Or sometimes this stop mute

Eventually Julie turned his hat into another piggy to keep him company

Then he photobombed our house picture

Backstage before the second half of the final concert

This house played a lot of board- and card-games. Others more so than me because I usually get really angry when I play games.

Our house had a HUGE backyard!

This week I'm reading some quintets with some old friends from the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra days, playing in the orchestra for TaiwanFest at the Harbourfront Centre, and then going up to teach at the Interprovincial Music Camp for the last week of August!