Holiday pops

Check out the pictures from the NSO's holiday pops and family concerts on flickr:

I especially like the angle on the tinsel and light-up icicles that Cathi brought as decorations for our bells. :P And the maestro's spiffy guitar and guitar-playing jacket.

A few days ago my family also played a concert/sing-along at the Runnymede hospital, just down the street from my parents' house (and where their dog Sandra has a "job" being patted by patients...) My dad played piano, my mom flute, my brother viola and obviously I played bassoon. (Perhaps not so obviously... my mom suggested that I go play Christmas carols at my brother's school on violin... an instrument I haven't practiced for about five years.) It seemed like the patients enjoyed it, although my dad's jazz-inspired improvisational wanderings based on popular Christmas carols certainly confused a few who were expecting a simple sing-along!

Now that (most of) the crazy travelling is done I can finally focus just on the Toronto Symphony audition, which is coming up in less than a month! Also learning my parts for the next MGSO concert-- principal on Bruckner's 2nd symphony and Janacek's From The House of the Dead overture. My recital is also coming up next semester, which will be my last semester at McGill! Aaa! (Yesssssssssss.....) I have the program mostly planned, and have already performed half of the repertoire and started working on some of the rest. Still-- at McGill you only have one official recital during your degree (as well as two juries performed just for a panel of professors) so this will be my first time doing an entire recital all by myself. So I'm sure I'll be writing more about that as the time approaches...