I drove a virtual spaceship on my day off, how 'bout you

After the concert on Friday, we have a four day long weekend with NAO. Most of my housemates went to Toronto for the Pride festivities, but I came to Kitchener instead to visit my boyfriend, my mom and see some concerts at the National Youth Orchestra, which is training at Laurier again. Last night I went to a faculty concert where David Hetherington and the percussion students played Tan Dun's Snow in June, and the string faculty played Schubert's Quintet. Today we went to Balzac's-- the coffee shop-- with one oboist from Brott and one from NYO, and as we were all walking out we saw a sign for CAFKA-- Community Art Forum, Kitchener and Area-- about something called In Search of Abandoned. A guy inside the building, which happens to be the Communitech Hub, came out and asked if we wanted to see it. We said OK, so we went inside and were led through multiple card-access-only doors to something called the HIVE: Hub Interactive Virtual Environment. It seems like a pretty rad place to work. On the way we saw stuff like this:IMG_1858

Inside the HIVE, three of us got normal 3D glasses and one got special "pilot"s glasses", which had three little extra motion sensor knobs sticking out of each side of the frames. Then we were in the middle of a bunch of virtual mountains. The pilot controls the perspective on the mountains-- if they're looking down, you see them from above-- and uses a steering wheel and some ropes to control the speed and direction, like so:


Obviously the 3D brit doesn't work in pictures. It was 3D, promise.

The exhibit ends today, so you probably can't go see it. Sorry. Suckerrrrrs!

(If you want to see something else cool, I'm going to one of the NYO's free chamber concerts tomorrow. There's a Mozart flute quartet, Berio's Opus Zoo-- aka the quintet piece that has always eluded me but I really want to play as soon as I find enough other people who are down for it-- Ligeti's Six Bagatelles, and the Brahms horn trio. You can find the complete list of NYO chamber music, faculty, and full orchestra concerts here.