Minnesota road trip

Over the weekend, I went on a roadtrip to Minnesota! I had a lesson with John Miller Jr, principal of the Minnesota orchestra, on the rep I will shortly be recording for a prescreening, and heard the Minnesota Orchestra play in the evening. I also got to stay with a friend from McGill, Alana, who lives with her husband about an hour each way in between Duluth and Minneapolis. My faithful travelling/cuddling companions, Square Bunny and Medium Noodle Raccoon, handling the navigation at a rest stop in Grand Marais.

Alana and Justin warned me that if I left the door open, the cat would come in during the night to lick my hair. So I closed the door, but it still found a way to taste-test my hair in the morning.

This guy was busking in the overpass leading between Orchestra Hall and the parking lot for the same. Sounds good man.

I am moderately certain that I saw an elk in here somewhere?

The frozen waterfall at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Having a snack on the edge of Lake Superior, just south of the border

It was cooooold in Minnesota-- Saturday morning it was -22 when I woke up, but only -11 in Thunder Bay. Now it's starting to get colder here as well. I'm half-doing nanowrimo--I'm not going to get to 50 000 words by the end of the month, especially since I didn't write anything on the trip. But I'm still going to meet-ups and writing words occasionally, so there's that!