Recently, I got a new toy! 20131027-145120.jpg

It's an MD Reeds profiler, which I ordered at the end of last school year after a period of some, although by no means exhaustive, research of the profiler market. I admit I was partly lured in my the shiny price tag-- at $600, it's less than half the price of a lot of the other models I was looking at. Since it seems to be getting generally good reviews from the bassoon community and some people are even saying the design is an improvement on existing models, I decided to give it a go.

I'm only just in the process of finishing my first batch of reeds with the new profiler, and since I've only ever used two profilers before (the Ben Bell profiler we have at school and a borrowed Popkin to top off my cane supply this summer) I'm probably not in the best position go give a comprehensive review. However, it seems top be working great for me so far. Since I had never set up a profiler on my own before, I definitely appreciated how easy the MD model is to adjust-- for instance, I didn't know where I would want the ramp to be, so I just made a bunch of cane of a few different settings, changing them quickly and easily using the click-wheel underneath the ramp.


Now I just need to buy a shaper and then I can make reeds completely independently of the school's equipment, which will be nice since they have pretty strict rules about when you can sign it out and bring it back. Yay!