School's out...

Three hours after my recital ended, I had my first post-school rehearsal :P That week I was playing fourth on the Verdi Requiem with the orchestra of the Société Philharmonique de Montréal. That concert was on Good Friday, and the bassoon section was Marty-- my first teacher at McGill-- playing principal and two other students from McGill besides me. The next day I took the Montreal-Toronto Megabus hopefully for the last time, and crammed in an Easter party before going to Kitchener to do some school shows with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony the first half of last week. The latter half of the week was Niagara, who had the Sultans of String in, and we performed both a childrens' show with them and a full pops program. All of the music on those programs was written by the Sultans, and it was really good! Some in the orchestra even went up to the lobby to buy their CDs and get them signed (as band leader Chris McKhool said, "buying our CDs is definitely the safest way to take us home with you tonight!") So, between travel Montreal-Toronto-Kitchener-Toronto-St. Catherine's and all the rehearsals and concerts, this is actually the first day I've had off after my recital. On Thursday I'm flying to Thunder Bay for their audition, and then have another concert cycle with the NSO (Cosi Fan Tutte overture, Brahms Piano Concerto #1, and Beethoven 7!) while simultaneously chaperoning at the Ontario Student Classics Conference (, which I attended as a high school student and just happens to be 1) the exact same dates as NSO masterworks 5 2) at Brock University, 3) hosted this year by my former high school, and thus 4) provides me with a free room at the Brock residences for this concert cycle. Sweeeet.

Then I have to get all my belongings from my soon-to-be-former place in Montreal, find a place in Hamilton and move into it, because I'm going to be playing in the National Academy Orchestra for the summer! I only auditioned for two summer festivals this year (oops!), NAO and the NAC's Young Artist's Program, and although I got into both and was hoping to be able to go to both, they ended up conflicting in such a way that I wasn't able to get a sub for NAO as I was hoping. So, I reluctantly had to pass up the YAP for this year, since NAO is a 9-week orchestral program that pays a minimum of $430 a week to each apprentice. However I'm very happy to be able to participate in that, especially with both Rite of Spring and The Firebird on the program!

On an unrelated note, my grandmother-- the family's official photographer and technology guru-- sent me the photos she took after my recital: recital1 recital2

Happy summer!