• I was waitlisted for Rice. Considering I started the process resigned to the idea of not even getting past the prescreening, I feel A-OK about that!
  • I participated in my very first concerto competition! A few weeks ago I flew to Toronto for a day to play in the finals of the Orchestra Toronto concerto competition. The winner ended up being a flutist that I went to McGill with (3/4 of the finalists were McGill people, interestingly...) but I was still very happy with how I played. Because of the competition, I ended up pulling out of the opera audition I was going to do around the same time after realizing that the job sounded good in theory but would actually be extremely inconvenient in practice. Plus, I could do the competition without missing out on any services in Thunder Bay, whereas for the audition I would have lost a few days worth of pay for an audition that didn't serve my interests anyway.
  • I went to a barn dance at a farm in Neebing the other night with some symphony friends! Merrie, our principal trumpet, is also a Ceilidh dance caller, and her husband is a celtic fiddler who was playing with a guitar player visiting from Quebec.  It was awwweeesome.
  • The symphony season ends on the 3rd of May, but I am staying an extra week to play a show with my wind quintet! It will be at 3 PM on May 9th at the Foundry. The title of the show is "Music of the Americas," despite my mostly-joking suggestion of "Nothing European." Entrance is by donation.
  • I guess I technically have two symphony seasons to play the ends of-- I haven't been in St. Catharine's very much this year, but I'll be with the Niagara Symphony for the last concert of the season on May 17, in which, bizarrely, we are playing one of the same pieces that we played in my first concert in Thunder Bay-- Christos Hatzis' Lamento, sung by Sarah Slean. This will be our last concert in Sean O'Sullivan theatre at Brock-- next season, we will be moving into the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, the new PAC in downtown St. Catherine's. (FirstOntario is apparently a credit union that made a major donation, but it's kind of a snazzy name for it, isn't it?)

Signature from Mike Hope-- 2nd bassoon of the Calgary Philharmonic-- in the rental part for Hindemith's Der Schwanendreher. I added my own name and orchestra.

My favourite genre of picture, the someone-elsie. Geoff taking a selfie from the top of Mink Mountain, a popular hiking spot near Thunder Bay.

The, uh, small black specks are people taking advantage of the last viable ice-fishing weather a few weeks ago.