Year in review

My jury is played, final assignment turned in, and I'm back at my parents' house in Toronto learning to drive (at 21 ahahahahaha oh god please don't let me be in a driver's ed class with my little brother's high school friends) and practicing the rep that I'll be playing for the rest of the summer. So, here's a partial (I've probably forgotten things...) list of repertoire I played this school year. In no particular order, and with a varied assortment of ensembles:

-Berlioz: Corsair Overture (1st)

-Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #1 (2nd)

-Scheherazade (1st)

-Beethoven 3 (2nd)

-Stravinsky: Symphonies D'Instruments a Vents (2nd)

-Stravinsky: Mass (1st)

-Nielsen: Wind Quintet

-Debussy: Nocturnes (2nd)

-Petrushka (1st)

-Tchaik 5, only the 3rd and 4th movements (1st) (A nonsensical programming choice, to be sure, but it was nice to get to play one major excerpt in context without having to worry about playing the whole symphony for the first time...)

-Gounod: Petite Symphonie (1st)

-D'Indy: Symphony on a French Mountain Air (1st)

-The Miraculous Mandarin Suite (2nd)

-Jennifer Higdon: Percussion Concerto (1st)

-Claude Vivier: Orion (3rd)

-Mozart Requiem (1st)

-Parsifal: An Orchestral Quest (2nd) (a Canadian work, an hour-long orchestral arrangement of music from Parsifal which was utterly wonderful)

-Wagner: Wesendonck Leider (1st) (orchestral arrangement)

-Paquito D'Riviera: Aires Tropicales for woodwind quintet

My big project for the first semester was the KW audition and for the second was my jury, for which I played the Osborne rhapsody, Saent-Saens Sonata, a Vivaldi concerto, and the Tansman Sonatine.

On to the summer!